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[1]孙永革*,杨中威,Bernhard CRAMER.煤系有机质多阶段成气的分子碳同位素表征及其对高过成熟干酪根生气潜力评价的启示[J].地球化学,2013,42(02):97-102.
 SUN Yong-ge*,YANG Zhong-wei and Bernhard CRAMER.Multiple stages of gas generation from coal organic matter as revealed by molecular isotopic geochemistry and implications for gas generation potential assessment of highly to over mature kerogen[J].Geochimica,2013,42(02):97-102.



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Chen Jianping, Zhao Wenzhi, Xiao Zhongyao, Zhang Shui-chang, Deng Chunping, Sun Yongge, Wang Zhaoming.A dis-cussion on the upper limit of maturity for gas generation by marine kerogens and the utmost of gas generative potential: Taking the study on the Tarim Basin as an example [J].Chi-nese Sci Bull, 2007, 52(S1): 125-132.


收稿日期(Received): 2012-03-31; 改回日期(Revised): 2012-04-11; 接受日期(Accepted): 2012-04-23
基金项目: 国家自然科学基金(40972093); 提高石油采收率国家重点实验室基金和油气资源与探测国家重点实验室基金(2009001)
作者简介: 孙永革(1969-), 男, 教授、博士生导师, 有机地球化学专业。
* 通讯作者(Corresponding author): SUN Yong-ge, E-mail: ygsun@gig.ac.cn, Tel: +86-571-87951336

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