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 LIU Yi-kai,WANG Jing-zhi,TANG Jian-hui*,et al.Levels, distributions and isomer profiles of hexabromocyclododecanes in the riverine sediments of the Laizhou Bay area, North China[J].Geochimica,2014,43(01):55-63.



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 HU Li-min,SHI Xue-fa*,WANG Guo-qing,et al.Study on the geochemical characteristics of the surface sediments from the Yangtze River est-uary under the 2011 sharp turn from drought to flood in middle and lower Yangtze[J].Geochimica,2014,43(01):39.


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作者简介: 刘艺凯(1987-), 女, 硕士研究生, 主要研究方向为海洋化学。E-mail: ykliu@yic.ac.cn
* 通讯作者(Corresponding author): TANG Jian-hui, E-mail: jhtang@yic.ac.cn; Tel: +86-535-2109151

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