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[1]方 引,陈颖军*,林 田,等.莱州湾海岸带表层沉积物的黑碳及其与POPs的相关性研究[J].地球化学,2014,43(04):329-337.
 FANG Yin,CHEN Ying-jun*,LIN Tian,et al.Distribution of black carbon and its correlation with persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the surface sediments of coastal zone, Laizhou Bay[J].Geochimica,2014,43(04):329-337.



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[2]江林香,王庆涛,卢 鸿*,等.北部湾东部海域表层沉积物稀土元素组成及物源指示意义[J].地球化学,2012,41(02):147.
 DOU Yan-guang,LI Jun* and LI Yan.Rare earth element compositions and provenance implication of surface sediments in the eastern Beibu Gulf[J].Geochimica,2012,41(04):147.


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