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[1]陈 波,杨 睿,刘再华*,等.水生光合生物对茂兰拉桥泉及其下游水化学和δ13CDIC昼夜变化的影响[J].地球化学,2014,43(04):375-385.
 CHEN Bo,YANG Rui,LIU Zai-hua*,et al.Effects of aquatic phototrophs on diurnal hydrochemical and δ13CDIC variations in an epikarst spring and two spring-fed ponds of Laqiao, Maolan, SW China[J].Geochimica,2014,43(04):375-385.



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[1]贺海波,刘淑华,杨 亮,等.川东北楼房洞洞穴系统水体元素含量季节变化与影响因素[J].地球化学,2015,44(02):205.
 HE Hai-bo,LIU Shu-hua,YANG Liang,et al.Element contents in water collected from the Loufang Cave system in NE Sichuan, Central China: Seasonal variations and controlling factors[J].Geochimica,2015,44(04):205.
 LIU Yan,ZHANG Jin-liu,HE Yuan-yuan,et al.The utilization of dissolved inorganic carbon by Oocystis solitaria Wittr and its influence on the precipitation of calcium carbonate[J].Geochimica,2010,39(04):191.


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