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[1]沈晓燕,李 杰*,许继峰,等.精确测定国家铂族元素岩石标样GPt-3、GPt-4的铂族元素和铼-锇同位素组成[J].地球化学,2019,48(04):395-402.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2019.04.007]
 SHEN Xiao-yan,LI Jie*,XU Ji-feng and SUN Sheng-ling.Precise determination of the platinum-group elements and Re-Os isotopic compositions in national reference samples GPt-3 and GPt-4[J].Geochimica,2019,48(04):395-402.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2019.04.007]



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