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[1]李建平,陈华勇*,张 婷,等.地壳浅部(低温-低压条件下)卤水-安山质火山岩作用实验研究及其地质意义[J].地球化学,2019,48(05):468-482.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2019.05.004]
 LI Jian-ping,CHEN Hua-yong*,ZHANG Ting and ZHANG Shi-tao.Experimental studies of interaction between brine and andesitic rocks at low temperature and pressure condition in shallow crust and geological implications[J].Geochimica,2019,48(05):468-482.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2019.05.004]



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