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[1]舒楚天,龙晓平*,王 强,等.藏南早侏罗世新特提斯洋俯冲过程中壳幔混合作用: 来自日喀则东嘎闪长质岩体的证据[J].地球化学,2018,47(05):478-490.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2018.05.003]
 SHU Chu-tian,LONG Xiao-ping*,WANG Qiang and YUAN Chao.Mixing of Early Jurassic crustal and mantle-derived magmas induced by subduction of the Neo-Tethyan Ocean: Evidence from the Dongga dioritic pluton, South Tibet[J].Geochimica,2018,47(05):478-490.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2018.05.003]

藏南早侏罗世新特提斯洋俯冲过程中壳幔混合作用: 来自日喀则东嘎闪长质岩体的证据


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