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[1]怡 欣,钟广财*,孙 悦,等.水体溶解态黑碳的分子标志物苯多羧酸的气相色谱-质谱分析[J].地球化学,2019,48(03):276-283.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2019.03.005]
 YI Xin,ZHONG Guang-cai*,SUN Yue,et al.Analysis of benzene polycarboxylic acids as molecular markers of dissolved black carbon in water using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry[J].Geochimica,2019,48(03):276-283.[doi:10.19700/j.0379-1726.2019.03.005]



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